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RTP Sandbox is a platform that aims to help promote, develop and boost the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Portugal.

This platform has two strands: Podcast with interviews and validation of ideas.




Radio programme/Podcast

The radio show and respective podcast “Inovadores”, is an initiative of RTP Sandbox that aims to publicize the most innovative and inspiring Portuguese startups.

Spoken in Portuguese, it aims to promote and disseminate the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Portugal. In each episode, the programme features a founder of a startup, where an in-depth interview is conducted about the company’s project, customers and business model.

We will explore the exciting world of startup creation and talk to founders who want to change the game and make a difference.

Throughout our conversations we will learn about the lives of companies and how behind every success often lurk difficult choices, challenges and failures. In addition, the podcast also highlights the positive impact that startups have on the Portuguese economy and how they are transforming it.

We want to be a valuable source of information and inspiration for everyone who is interested in entrepreneurship and innovation in Portugal. The episodes are available on all podcast streaming platforms and on RTP Play.

It will undoubtedly be a series not to be missed! Follow us and share with your friends! Whenever we publish new content, you will be notified!


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Validation of ideas

Do you have a start-up and would you like to have RTP’s support to validate and scale your idea? Leave us a message.

We are looking for startups that want to innovate with RTP. We help with access to our experience, infrastructure and technological resources.

Here you can get information about the benefits for both parties and the process established: